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February 25th - Dim Light Handgun Class - $150.00
This class is designed for the person who is already proficient with a hand gun. This class is designed to move
beyond standard training and introduce the student to low-light shooting in a safe training environment.

Course Outline
•        This Course is Jointly Presented by Rescue 29 and DeHLTA (
•        Safety Fundamentals
•        Night Vision Anatomy and Techniques
•        Dim Light Tactics and Techniques
•        Night Operations
•        Flashlight Types, Pros, Cons, Selection
•        Flashlight Use
•        Flashlight Shooting Positions
•        Range Work: Low/Dim Light Drills, Muzzle Flash Demo, Decisional Shooting

Equipment List (to bring):

Good attitude
Hearing protection
Eye protection (prescription glasses are OK)
Comfortable and range appropriate clothing (no low neck shirt/blouse)
Closed toe shoes (no shoes with raised heels)
Safe functional handgun(s) (what your use for concealed carry or for defense in your home preferred)
Spare magazine or loaders for revolver (if you have them)
Flashlight(s) you use or might use for shooting (we will have several types for you to try and use in the course)
200-250 rounds of newly manufactured ammunition appropriate for you handgun(s)
Holster (if you have one, optional)
Snacks (course will go through lunch)
Case/range bag/bag for transporting firearm and other gear

The range has a pro shop with reasonably priced hearing protection, eye protection, ammunition and other gear.
Some of the classes we offer include:

Basic Firearms Familiarization
Colorado Concealed Carry
Firearms Safety
Tactical Training
To Contact us:


Phone: 719-660-9019
(leave message if no answer)
Class will be held at Whistling Pines Gun Club East - Tactical Bay -- 1000 - 1400
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